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Tradies Trailers

The Tradies Trailer is possibly the most neglected of all trailers.  You need your wheel bearings checked. They are the blood line of some business, yet are given very little attention.  These trailers are often loaded to the hilt, carrying all your tools, equipment and supplies.  Not something you want to leave on the side of the road.  


We can also service your American Trailers and Imported Trailers.


Call us today to get your tradies trailer serviced.

Horse Floats

Horse floats could potentially be carrying your most precious cargo, whether it’s a star racer or your prized jumper or just your best mate.  Being stuck on the side of the freeway with seized bearings and a spooked animal could be dangerous to all involved.


Get your Horse floats wheel bearings serviced today, call us today.


Ric has been a qualified mechanic for over 28 years, 20 of those years he has had his own business as a mobile mechanic.  Ric now specialises in wheel bearings, wheel bearing service, bearing service on all trailers, horse floats and caravan drive repairs.  He has extensive experience in these fields and is an avid camper / 4x4 / boater.



wheel bearings boat trailer
Boat Trailers

Boat trailers are subject to the harshest environments.  After driving to the boat ramp and unloading your boat, your trailer is subject to the salt water which cools everything down rapidly, the air and grease, bearings ect, your hubs cool and shrink, drawing in water instead of air!!  Water and wheel bearings don’t mix.    Boat trailers require special seals on the inner side and sealing of the hub cover.  Brakes also require servicing in this environment, which can be done at the same time for a minimal fee.


The wheel bearings on caravans can be subject to the highest KMs driven and in some cases, on the worst roads.  You have a lot of weight sitting on some very small bearings.  As a general rule, caravan wheel bearings should be serviced every 10,000 km, yearly or before that big trip.


Call us today to get your Caravan wheel bearings serviced.

Camper Trailers

Often Camper trailers are often subjected to the harshest road conditions or off road conditions and taken places where you wouldn’t normally take a caravan.  They can see thousands of corrugations hourly which puts stress on the wheel bearings, axles and suspension. 


There are no servicing centres where most people travel with these trailers. 


Don’t forget to book into get your Camper Trailer's wheel bearings serviced before any long trip you take.

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